Tips To Get Prepared For Your First Dance Lesson

Whether you're taking dance lessons with your partner to prepare for your upcoming wedding or are just looking for a new activity to try together, don't be intimidated if you don't have any experience on the dance floor. While an experienced instructor, such as at Absolute Ballroom Company, will put you at ease and guide you through the basics, it's helpful to have a bit of an understanding about how to approach your first lesson. From knowing what to wear to getting a brief understanding of how to check your movements, you can hit the ground running in your first class. Here are the basics to know.

These Shoes Are Made For Dancing

If you're taking the dance class to prepare for dancing at your wedding, it's important to wear the shoes you'll wear on the big day. Having the right shoes will provide a feeling of familiarity during your wedding dance and help you know that you've got things under control. If you're not taking the class to prepare for your wedding, it's ideal to wear shoes that are conducive to dancing. For women, flats or high heels are appropriate, provided they're comfortable and allow gliding. Men should wear dress or casual shoes that don't have gummy soles, as shoes that stick to the floor can negatively affect your mobility.

Comfort First

When selecting the attire that you'll wear to the class, your first priority should be comfort. Sure, it might be tempting to get a little dressed up for the occasion -- and that's fine -- but you want to be able to move freely. For women, leggings are a popular choice; this type of garment not only allows flexibility, but also makes your legs visible to allow the instructor to check your posture and offer any feedback as you move. Men can wear comfortable athletic pants that they'd also wear for a gym workout or opt for jeans, provided they don't restrict movement.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Dance studio walls are covered with mirrors, and for good reason -- they allow students to monitor their movements. Keep an eye on yourself in the mirror rather than stare at your feet. Looking down is a bad habit to develop, and catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror allows you to see how your entire body moves, rather than just your feet. As you develop your skills, you'll learn exactly what you should be looking for in the mirror. In the meantime, make a habit of catching a glimpse of yourself.