Three Questions To Ask Before Enrolling Your Child Into A Private Preschool Program

When it is time to send your child to preschool, knowing how to choose the right one can be difficult. You want to be sure that your child is in the safest environment possible and that requires you to ask questions before agreeing to send your child to any preschool. A private preschool allows your child to be taught in a smaller classroom and get more one on one attention. The following guide walks you through important things to ask before enrolling your child into a private preschool program.

Ask if the Staff Is Drug Tested

You need to find out if the preschool drug tests their staff. Be sure to ask how often they drug test, if the staff is warned that they are going to be drug tested, and what happens if someone fails a drug test after being hired. You want to be sure that there is zero tolerance for drugs by the preschool so that you never have to worry about someone taking care of your child while they are high on drugs.

Ask if the Staff Has to Pass a Background Check

You want to be sure that there are no child molesters, thieves, or abusers working with your children. Be sure that the preschool requires everyone to pass a background check before they can start working at the preschool. You need to be sure that the background check covers every possible crime that someone could have committed. Find out what the guidelines are for the preschool if an employee is arrested for a crime while working there. If they do not fire the person on the spot, it could be dangerous to send your child to that preschool.

Ask if the Staff Has to be First Aid Certified

Finally, you want to be sure that the staff is well trained in every possible form of first aid possible. You do not want to send your child to a preschool where they will not be able to help them if they are choked, treat an injury, or react properly to an allergic reaction. First aid training should be a requirement for everyone that works in the preschool and should be renewed on a regular basis to ensure that everyone remembers what when an emergency situation occurs.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, take your child to another preschool, such as New Hope Academy. Private preschools that do not care if the staff is on drugs or if they have a criminal record should not be trusted with the well fair of your child.