Managing Fleet Drivers And Worried About Safety? What To Know

Do you have drivers that are getting into minor accidents and perhaps not driving as carefully as they could be, or maybe they are just inexperienced? If so, fleet driver safety training is a great option for all of your drivers, no matter how young or experienced they may be.

The training will help the drivers be more conscious of the drivers around them, to prevent accidents and delays. There are many different options for courses, and here are a few things you want to consider.

Find a Local Program

You don't want to pay to have all of your drivers travel to get the training, which could cost you hotel expenses and gas. Instead, find a local program or have a local training company come to you. This way it's easy for all staff members to be there, and you don't have to add extra costs to the programs and training all your drivers need.

Pay to Have all Drivers Enrolled

Pay the cost for all of your drivers, and explain to them that it's something they all must have. When you pay for it you don't have to worry about the driver's not wanting to put out the money, or missing it because they don't have the money. Explain that you will pay, and you may even want to add a bonus or incentive for those that pass the program or get high scores.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance agent to discuss the liability and risk coverage you have for the drivers and the trucks, and explain that all of the drivers have completed the fleet driver safety training. This can help lower your rates because your drivers are now better prepared to prevent an accident from occurring, which could potentially cost your insurance provider a lot of money. They may want the course information and results for each driver before offering any type of discount.

When you have a lot of fleet drivers that you manage and you worry about keeping the costs of your services down, and keeping the drivers safe, preparing them with these safety courses is going to do both. Talk with the safety certification professionals to find out what will be the easiest way to get your driver's enrolled in a program, and find out if you can bring them into your facility to do the training that they need on site.