Tips For Passing Motorists Successfully While Practicing With Your Driving Instructor

During the in-car portion of your driving school training, a skilled instructor will put you through your paces performing a wide range of techniques on the road. When you eventually get comfortable behind the wheel enough to brave the highways, one of the things you'll be practicing is passing other motorists in a smooth, controlled and safe manner. You'll also often be required to do so on your driving test, so it's a good idea to practice this skill during your driving school training. For new drivers, the idea of pulling into the fast lane can seem intimidating, but here's how to make a safe pass.

The Buildup

A number of things should be happening concurrently leading up to the actual pass. As you begin to gain ground on a vehicle that is traveling slower than the speed limit, you should be keeping an eye on your gap between you and that vehicle, while also watching your mirrors for vehicles approaching in the left lane. A couple of quick shoulder checks are also ideal, as they'll indicate to you whether there's someone traveling in your blind spot. Doing all these things at the same time will give you a good idea of what's around you so that you can make the pass smoothly and safely — and to the satisfaction of your driving instructor.

The Pass

When you see that it's safe to pass, it's important to do so in a smooth manner. Put your turn signal on for a brief moment before you intend to pass, and then complete your mirror checks and shoulder checks. Glide into the left lane, turn your signal off and then accelerate slightly as required. It's advisable to keep an eye on the car you're passing. If the driver hasn't noticed that you're making a pass, you want to be sure that he or she doesn't begin to merge into the lane that you're now occupying.

The Completion

Keep accelerating away from the vehicle until it's a few car lengths behind you; you'll receive a reprimand from your driving instructor if you pull back into the right-hand lane too quickly and cut the other driver off. When the car is safely in your mirror, engage your turn signal and smoothly merge into the right-hand lane. Turn off the signal and maintain pace with traffic. Make sure to avoid braking as you merge, as the other driver will come up behind you quickly. If you practice these steps, you'll receive praise from your instructor and be confident when you're asked to make a highway pass on your upcoming driving test.

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