Three Ways to Squeeze in Piano Lessons with a Full Schedule

Piano lessons are a wonderful way to expand your mind, build soft skills, and find a new hobby you enjoy. But for busy adults, simply finding the time to practice and improve their piano skills can be the biggest challenge to taking up this new pastime. 

If this describes you, how can you find extra time to learn the piano no matter what your schedule looks like? Here are a few easy ways.

Opt for Short Practices

Don't have an hour every day to dedicate to practice time? Then use several smaller chunks of time instead. If you can practice for 10 or 15 minutes multiple times a day, you achieve the same results. In fact, you may even find that this method of breaking up the time actually helps you learn better and faster. Set a short goal, such as practicing one piece or doing one section of repetition several times during each session. 

Use Your Phone

Look for apps that help you with various aspects of learning music and learning an instrument. There are apps that help you learn finger moves that aid in learning to read music and that help you get faster in following sheet music.

You can practice using these apps while waiting—such as before appointments or during meeting downtime—or while using public transit for commuting to work. Rather than wasting time on silly games or social media, spend some time enjoying a little informal practice. 

Listen to Others

Have a long daily commute? Make use of the time by listening to music of all skill levels. As you grow in your piano skills, you can pick up the different tempos, musical styles, and composers. In addition to downtime while commuting, listen to piano pieces as background music while working or in your car. 

Record your own sessions or ask your teacher to record some sessions to work on understanding particular pieces. You can work on specific skills like tones and accuracy by listening to your own work and the work of others. 

Learning the piano in modern times is much different than the old days when people sat strictly at the keyboard for hours on end. Today, you can use apps, short breaks, and recordings to work on your art no matter where you or how busy you are. With these tips, you can achieve your goal of learning to play the piano. Sign up for beginner piano lessons to learn more.