Tips For Passing Motorists Successfully While Practicing With Your Driving Instructor

During the in-car portion of your driving school training, a skilled instructor will put you through your paces performing a wide range of techniques on the road. When you eventually get comfortable behind the wheel enough to brave the highways, one of the things you'll be practicing is passing other motorists in a smooth, controlled and safe manner. You'll also often be required to do so on your driving test, so it's a good idea to practice this skill during your driving school training.

2 Ear Equalizing Techniques To Try At Different Depths Of Descent During Scuba Lessons

When scuba diving, your ears are most vulnerable and at risk of being injured during the first 14 feet of the descent. If you want to avoid injuries like otitis externa, otitis media or a tympanic membrane rupture, you'll have to learn how to equalize your ears to prevent pressure from building up within the canals. To prevent injuries, descend slowly and equalize your ears every 2 feet for the first 15 feet then every 3 feet to 33 feet.

Managing Fleet Drivers And Worried About Safety? What To Know

Do you have drivers that are getting into minor accidents and perhaps not driving as carefully as they could be, or maybe they are just inexperienced? If so, fleet driver safety training is a great option for all of your drivers, no matter how young or experienced they may be. The training will help the drivers be more conscious of the drivers around them, to prevent accidents and delays. There are many different options for courses, and here are a few things you want to consider.